Literary and literally smart bags

Bio and story maker bags: they're pretty and smart.
The first words of your favourite novel are printed on one side, the last ones on the other. Then it is up to YOU to fill the blank and the inside of the bag.
You can create your own story, your own literature, with your own words and your own life.

Printed in France, with love!

Dimensions : 35x30x10
Couleur : Navy blue
100% organic cotton

Our three designs, available for sale

Le Petit Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


I want this beautiful one!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

J. K. Rowling


I want this magical one!

La Belle et la Bête

Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont


I want this lovely one!

 And just so you know:

These lovely bags are all designed and printed in France. They are also shipped from there.
So depending on your home country, prices can vary a bit. 

What you get when you buy an iNkipit bag

A super handy bag!

You get one (or more) bags, directly into your mailbox! They are sent in a very special enveloppe, and come with all our love! When they arrive, they will be kinda shy, all folded up, all sleepy.

You can wake them up, very slowly and very gently. Then you can fill them up with all your words, your papers, your books, your laptop, or whatever you want (they're not very picky, and they will take care of whatever you give them). 
Or you can put them back to sleep, all folded up, and bring them with you wherever you go. As soon as you need help, they will unfold (almost) by themselves, and will be honored to serve!

A good deed

For each bag you buy, some of the proceeds go straight to the UNESCO, for literacy programs around the world.
So everyone can have access to culture, to literature, and that's the first step to freedom.

A really awesome look!

Have you read or heard about this study? It says that people who read are more attractive than people who don't. So here it is: you are more attractive when you have books in your life!
So I'll let you guess how gorgeous, how awesome, how hot, people who carry an iNkipit bag with their favourite novel words proudly displayed really are.

Wait, want me to call the fireman?

Our (little) Story

It starts with a meeting between two book geeks, both fond of literature.

We agreed on one thing: Literature is beyond the reach of far too many people, kept away in its glass tower, for far too long.

So we decided to free the Literature! And to give it back to those to whom it belongs in the first place: YOU!

The whole of Literature was a bit too much, though. So we took a book, and we just kept the first sentence on one hand, and the last one on the other: the incipit, and the excipit. And we printed them on each side of a bag... that became an iNkipit bag!

And between the first and the last sentences: you get to choose what to include or not. You can fill the blank. Literally. So go fill it! Create your own story, your own literature, with your own stuff placed between these first and last sentences, and go show it to the world!

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